Husky dog personality traits

Husky dog ​​personality traits

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Husky is smart and loyal

Husky dogs are relatively intelligent. They are ranked 45th in the list of the smartest dog breeds in the World. viagra belge  They are agile and obedient. Therefore, the training is quite easy.

Husky, like Alaska, has a herd behavior. If you have raised a Husky from a young age, they will consider you an absolutely loyal leader and follow your orders.

Husky affectionate and cute

Husky is quite emotional. They especially love family members, including children. They also do not cause trouble with other household pets. Husky dogs respond only if they are captured by the pets, stealing food and threatening them.

The cute Husky dog ​​is also loved by the people who nicknamed the  Husky Dog with an expressive face  when they can express all emotions from  joy, sadness, flattery, anger, deep, …  You can see Husky dogs laughing whenever they are happy or enjoying something. This special thing is not available for every dog!

Husky is hyperactive and mischievous

Husky originated as a sled dog so they are always energetic. Most Husky dogs have signs of hyperactivity, devastation when kept in small spaces like apartments, apartments, … Therefore, if you keep your Husky, you should pay more attention to the issue of letting them out. Run and jump regularly to reduce excess energy!

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